Presentation night will be held on Saturday April 22nd 2017...



To the members of Cranebrook Little Athletics Centre

As you would be aware we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 22nd April 2017 at approximately 7.30 after the conclusion of our Presentation at Cranebrook High School NSW.

As a member of the Centre you are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting.

While a number of the current committee are intending to re nominate for their roles, there will be a number of roles that will become, or are, vacant.  If you are interested in contributing to the continued development and running of our Centre, either in an Executive role or as a general committee member, you are invited to nominate for any of these positions.  These are:


Vice President

Secretary (Public Officer)



Coaching Office

Championship Officer

Equipment Officer

Age Manager Co-ordinator

Recording Officer

Publicity Officer

Canteen Manager

Officer of Officials

General Committee members

More information on the duties of these roles can be located in section 14/15/16/17/18 of the Constitution.

If you have a passion to grow and develop our Centre, have new ideas and want provide continued access to athletics to the children of the area please come along and nominate for one of the positions, remember many hands make light work.

Gary Dunk


0419 251 897


Here is the list is athletes that have attended half or more of our competition nights and are eligible for end of year Trophy. If all Parents could please check the spelling of their child's name a.s.a.p.

If any other registered athletes would like a trophy we are more than happy to supply one but parents will need to get in contact and request one. If any concerns please email
Tiny Tots
Henry Abundo Tiny Tots
Alexis Allen Tiny Tots
Grace Andrew Tiny Tots
Talan Bale Tiny Tots
Eliza Barton Tiny Tots
Charlie Bicknell Tiny Tots
Jasper Bicknell Tiny Tots
Jackson Bird Tiny Tots
Hayden Bloomfield Tiny Tots
Maddison Bowdidge Tiny Tots
Benjamin Brennan Tiny Tots
Lincoln Burnett Tiny Tots
Lincoln Carrig Tiny Tots
Lawson Carrig Tiny Tots
Xavier Clark Tiny Tots
Jasper Cox Tiny Tots
Kate Crameri Tiny Tots
Eli Curran Tiny Tots
Hewett Flynn Tiny Tots
Harrison Gough Tiny Tots
Sophie Griggs Tiny Tots
Aubbrey Groth Tiny Tots
Nevaeh Hayes Tiny Tots
Flynn Hewett Tiny Tots
Mackenzie Hili Tiny Tots
Mason Hili Tiny Tots
Merkita Jaeger Tiny Tots
Benjamin Lazare Tiny Tots
Tyler Lewis Tiny Tots
Harrison Lewtschenko Tiny Tots
Emily Mackey Tiny Tots
Aiden McKenna Tiny Tots
Phoebe Munoz Tiny Tots
Blake Nealand Tiny Tots
Jasmin Passlow Tiny Tots
Hunter Pearson Tiny Tots
Jenson Pryke Tiny Tots
Luka Reurts Tiny Tots
Kobe Sheridan Tiny Tots
Isaac Simiana Tiny Tots
Jasper Stacey Tiny Tots
Lachlan Terawsky Tiny Tots
Annabelle Tipping-Redcliffe Tiny Tots
Aaliyah Urfan Tiny Tots
Chase Warren Tiny Tots
Ethan Watson Tiny Tots
Ella Watson Tiny Tots
Charlie Williams Tiny Tots
Sienna Worne Tiny Tots
U6 Girls
Matilda Hassan U6 Girls
Sarah Galea U6 Girls
Ella Affleck U6 Girls
Ruby Gillon U6 Girls
Natalia Saliba U6 Girls
Abigail Cordingley U6 Girls
Felicity Allen U6 Girls
Amelia Abboud U6 Girls
Ellie Wood U6 Girls
Bonnie Clark U6 Girls
Elyse Currall U6 Girls
Mia Groth U6 Girls
Kierra Colburn U6 Girls
Aylah Markson U6 Girls
U6 Boys
Jackson Schofield U6 Boys
Cooper Falzon U6 Boys
Shannon Dpenha U6 Boys
Elliot O'Hara U6 Boys
Joshua Podmore U6 Boys
Noah Vella U6 Boys
Lachlan Cross U6 Boys
Jared Husar U6 Boys
Tyler Loftus U6 Boys
Harrison Cummings U6 Boys
Isaac Wiperi U6 Boys
Spencer Schofield U6 Boys
U7 Girls
Ella Griffiths U7 Girls
Millie Gilmore U7 Girls
Cassandra Hader U7 Girls
Zoey Lazare U7 Girls
Ava Wood U7 Girls
Caitlyn Clark U7 Girls
June Morgan U7 Girls
Maddison Cox U7 Girls
Talihah Stein U7 Girls
Keira Estaban U7 Girls
Charlotte McNeill U7 Girls
Madilyn Lewtschenko U7 Girls
Tiffany-Rose Burchett U7 Girls
U7 Boys
Mitch Dunk U7 Boys
Ashton Clark U7 Boys
Jay Copland U7 Boys
Ethan Wakeham U7 Boys
Nate Waterhouse U7 Boys
Cody Mackin U7 Boys
Kaelan Stacey U7 Boys
Isaac Bulluss U7 Boys
U8 Girls
Harmony Rahme U8 Girls
Molly Barton U8 Girls
Scarlett Stoneham U8 Girls
Alexis Munoz U8 Girls
Lucia Saliba U8 Girls
Logan Pate-Matthew U8 Girls
Lily Warren U8 Girls
Makendra Newham U8 Girls
Madison Brown U8 Girls
Liliana Waterhouse U8 Girls
Paige Warby U8 Girls
Tennille Bowdidge U8 Girls
Amelia Griggs U8 Girls
Jemma Camilleri U8 Girls
Lacey McLean U8 Girls
Indigo Hale U8 Girls
Abbey Cox U8 Girls
Kyah Winner U8 Girls
Ashley Howard U8 Girls
Summer Hayes U8 Girls
Ava Schofield U8 Girls
Addison Scott U8 Girls
U8 Boys
Ryan Debritt U8 Boys
Sebastian Galea U8 Boys
Jackson Fayers U8 Boys
Riley O'Hara U8 Boys
Preston Richardson U8 Boys
Bryce Straney U8 Boys
Samuel Abboud U8 Boys
Tyran Kavaliku U8 Boys
Conner Pryke U8 Boys
Kyden Colburn U8 Boys
Dylan Taylor-Rogers U8 Boys
Harley Lam U8 Boys
Jamie Zammit U8 Boys
Archie Hull U8 Boys
U9 Girls
Holly Clark U9 Girls
Sara Griffiths U9 Girls
Mia Lazare U9 Girls
Jasmine Stacey U9 Girls
Jaydee Brooks U9 Girls
Brielle Adams U9 Girls
Sophie Vella U9 Girls
U9 Boys
Johnny Vasiliadis U9 Boys
Lucas Hader U9 Boys
Taylan Ali U9 Boys
Judd Creed U9 Boys
Tyla Jongejans U9 Boys
Abbas Hammoud U9 Boys
Kyle Waterhouse U9 Boys
Lachlan Pryke U9 Boys
Koda Strike U9 Boys
Dominic Zammit U9 Boys
Cadel Andrew U9 Boys
U10 Girls
Shiloh Dpenha U10 Girls
U10 Boys
Samuel Boggs U10 Boys
Brody Hull U10 Boys
Jhett Sydir U10 Boys
Jack Affleck U10 Boys
Ethan O'Hara U10 Boys
Cooper Richardson U10 Boys
Jye Mackin U10 Boys
Matthew Husar U10 Boys
Mason James Dohne U10 Boys
Nathaniel Spek U10 Boys
U11 Girls
Chloe Schofield U11 Girls
Eden Barton U11 Girls
Amber Shearley U11 Girls
Kiera Allen U11 Girls
Kaliyah Colburn U11 Girls
Annaliese Edmunds U11 Girls
Zoe Straney U11 Girls
Taylor Brown U11 Girls
Summer Atkins U11 Girls
Halle Scheithe U11 Girls
Scarlet Willis U11 Girls
Taya Anne Pearson U11 Girls
Jolie Brooks U11 Girls
Caitlyn Griggs U11 Girls
U11 Boys
Riley Allen U11 Boys
Timothy Fenech U11 Boys
Caleb Fayers U11 Boys
Koby Holmes U11 Boys
Rhys Waterhouse U11 Boys
Hayden Husar U11 Boys
Toby Camilleri U11 Boys
Cooper Hale U11 Boys
U12 Girls
Abby Affleck U12 Girls
Jade Jongejans U12 Girls
Evie Gilmore U12 Girls
Darcy Jarman U12 Girls
Rylee Schofield U12 Girls
Tegan Lane U12 Girls
Danijela Hader U12 Girls
Jessica Zammit U12 Girls
U12 Boys
Joshua Debritt U12 Boys
Mason Creed U12 Boys
Benjamin Attard U12 Boys
Jayden Stein U12 Boys
Rhys Warby U12 Boys
Blake Adams U12 Boys
U13 Girls
Taylah Copland U13 Girls
Jasmine Zammit U13 Girls
Maddison Newham U13 Girls
U13 Boys
Anthony Fenech U13 Boys
Cooper Waterhouse U13 Boys
U14 Girls
Montana Atkins U14 Girls
Alannah Hader U14 Girls
Emily Adams U14 Girls
Gabriella Saliba U14 Girls
U14 Boys
Talon Whitby U14 Boys
Ahmed Hammoud U14 Boys
U15 Boys
Lachlan Camilleri U15 Boys
Daniel Thomas U15 Boys
Braith Sakal U15 Boys